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PEEL Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Kathryn & Kim Kluge 2018

"The icing on the cake and the world of PEEL is the scoring by Kathryn Kluge and Kim Allen Kluge.  Simply beautiful.  Whimsical and lilting, we feel the innocence of Peel through the score..."

--Behind the Lens

"The word maestro, if you will, really fits with these two.  They were so connected to the soul of who Peel is and what he represents and what the transformational, almost spiritual element of the film, in terms of that internal journey. 

They connected so strongly with it, but what they understood was actually a comment you made earlier. You can go sappy with this. It can be heavy-handed on the emotional front.  They understood the whimsical element. They understood (how) to find that balance, and the right use of instrumentation, and the right chords.."

--Rafael Monserrate

Director, Peel

Behind the Lens

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